Unveiling Inequality
A World-Historical Perspective

In Unveiling Inequality authors Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz and Timothy Patrick Moran present a comprehensive new framework that moves beyond national boundaries to analyze economic inequality and social mobility on a global scale and from a historical perspective. Inequality is best understood as a complex set of relational interactions that unfold globally over time. So the same institutional mechanisms that have historically reduced inequality within some nations have also often accentuated the selective exclusion of populations from poorer countries and enhanced a high-inequality equilibrium between nations. Korzeniewicz and Moran provide strong evidence that the nation where we are born is the single greatest determining factor of our life chances and prospects for upward social mobility. Too much sociological literature on inequality focuses on the experiences of people who live in wealthy nations, where even people considered “poor” have more opportunity for social mobility than the vast majority of individuals in nations perennially at the bottom of the wealth distribution scale. Unveiling Inequality represents a major paradigm shift in thinking about social inequality and a clarion call to reorient discussions of economic justice in world-historical global terms.

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About the Authors

Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz is professor of sociology and director of Graduate Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, and profesor titular at the Escuela de Política y Gobierno of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina).

Timothy Patrick Moran is associate professor of sociology and director of Graduate Studies at State University of New York-Stony Brook.